Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jurassic 5 Are Breaking Up: So What....

Underwhelming hip-hop group Jurassic 5 are calling it a day. Member Soup announced that the group plans to disband upon returning from a Far East tour.

Ummmmmm. OK

Jurassic 5 will probably be best remembered for their cool t-shirt designs and college hip-hop credibility. They were the sorta group that backpackers loved to namecheck when talking amongst themselves:

"Son, I'm, like, really into hip-hop, and I'm just totally feelin' that real shit.I don't really like Jay-Z or none of that negative shit. I'm into underground and that's it?"

Like their fans, Jurassic 5 were high on themselves for being indie. But in reality, they were a dull West Coast collective that failed to offer a viable alternative to the order of the day. Production wise, they were on point. Lyrically, their shit was preachy, dull and occasionally a bit corny. Good background music, but nothing classic.

If you really want fun and progressive West Coast hip-hop,head north to the Bay Area. Home of Too Short, Hieroglyphics and E-40 and his merry pranksters of Hyphy.



DaveZiggy said...

Finally! Somebody ripping on J5! Their choruses sound like a Zombie glee club.

Pasquale said...

No wonder no one wants to buy their EP off me on!

100dBs said...

yo i've been saying this for YEARS.

they're corny. not a little bit corny, but full-on, hip hop revival at its worst corny.

and don't look now, but Little Brother are about to go the same way. there's nothing original about them. i got love for 9th because we use similar setups, and he's talented, but he's going to have to branch out eventually. and more importantly, Little Brother's going to have to get their lips off Rawkus' leftover knob cheese.