Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Life With Dead Beat, Part II: Interview with Haley Baptiste

Interviews like the one posted below are the sort of thing that prompt people to post comments expressing their confusion over what they just read. But to be fair, I kinda guess that Andrew would play straight man to Haley's joker. It's irreverent and quirky encounters like these that keep music journalism from being an dry and tedious bore.
Sadly, we never got around to talking about Felt or Maximum Joy.

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Your dad (pictured above)used to play in the Beatnik Flies. Did you decide to start playing the drums because of him?
Not that it's any of your Zagat rated businesses, but my dad still plays in the Beatnik Flies.
I never had a choice in deciding to play music, seein' as how come along the lines of for the first 5 years of my life I spoke only in tongues and Beatles lyrics which led my old ma and pa to do the only thing they could think of: which was to...(Ed. note-abruptly cuts off)
And then I never stopped playing music again, tin can telephones notwithstanding...

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How do you write songs with Dead Beat?

1. Line the bottom and sides of an 8-inch round mixing bowl or deep 8-inch square container with foil. Spread ice cream in container, packing firmly. Cover and freeze 8 hours or until firm.
2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease and flour an 8x8 inch pan.
3. Prepare cake mix with egg and almond extract. Pour into prepared pan.
4. Bake in preheated oven according to package instructions, until center of cake springs back when lightly touched.
5. Beat egg whites with cream of tartar, salt and sugar until stiff peaks form.
6. Line a baking sheet with parchment or heavy brown paper. Place cake in center. Turn molded ice cream out onto cake. Quickly and prettily spread meringue over cake and ice cream, all the way to paper to seal.
Return to freezer 2 hours.
7. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
8. Bake the Alaska on the lowest shelf, 8 to 10 minutes, or until
meringue is lightly browned. Serve at once

Would you ever consider recruiting other musicians to play with you and Andrew?

I don't know that I would recruit any other musicians to play with us,
per se, but I am definitely interested in recruiting anyone associated
with the Nurgle Death Guard Marine Army to join our group.
Also, the ineffable Samuel Chotzinoff once said "... it is impossible to deny that his music is a soporific, by the side of which the telephone book is a strong cup of coffee." I think that explains a lot, too.

Right now you play on a miniature set, thus giving your group a distinctly twee sound. Would you ever make moves to a full-size kit? Or would that change the dynamic of Dead Beat?
I.would. Never.

Why do you think that a lot of girls don't play in bands. Do you believe it's social conditioning or a genuine lack of interestt?

I think I'd like to focus more on why more boys don't play in bands, because I feel like the number of boys getting inspired by Led Zeppelin is shrinking at an alarming rate. Can you answer that? Since you're a boy? You know?

Well I don't stuff my jeans like Robert Plant used to, so I guess I can't respond. Regardless, do you have any predictions for 2008? What trend is going to sweep the underground music world and render everything that we currently enjoy obsolete?

I have a lot of predictions for 2008.
1. I will cut my hair
2. You will cut your hair
And listen... Just because I alone am privy to the next big trend that is going to sweep the underground music world doesn't mean everyone else should be. I worked really hard for my omniscience.

Five groups that you'd like to see reunite?
I cant answer that right now. (See third question down).

Ok, Five favorite songs right now ?
1. Crazy Town – whatever that song is called (ed. note-"Butterfly")
2. Velocity Girl – "Crazy Town"
3. Primal Scream – "Velocity Girl"
4. Motley Crue – "Primal Scream"
5. That plan didn't work out cause I hit a dead end. More songs should be titled "Motley Crue"
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Every now and then you'll tell stories about visiting Brighton, England. Would you like to share a little something about your time spent in that dreary seaside town?
Fine!!! Then tell me a little bit about your other side projects
Right now I'm working on an essay I hope to get published. It's titled Pussy Control :How Prince Changed the Face of Sexual Politics with One Greatest Hits Album. It's about five groups I'd like to see reunite