Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why yes, I own this establishment (Part 2)

Part Two of Colonel K as bar owner series!

I'm actually more enthusiastic about numbers 51-100 because the selection is a lot more fun. I feel as though this half of the list includes the albums that would really get a party started. Outkast, Kraftwerk, James Brown, The Jam...they're all present and accounted for.

Sadly, some people didn't like 1-50. One commenter stated:

"But may I suggest you reserve 30 or so of the remaining places for the biggest selling album of each year since 1977. While this may mean you'll be forced to grudgingly purchase albums by the likes of Garth Brooks, it will save you alot of grief from customers not quite accustomed to the off-key caterwauling of the Mars Volta."

I couldn't help but chuckle (and then frown) when I read this. But rather than go into a lengthy rant, I'm going to put it very simply.
I chose these albums for MY fantasy jukebox for the following reasons:
a) These discs than adequately reflect my taste
b) They would attract a clientele that does not view music as wallpaper or background noise.
b) I don't care for Garth Brooks.

Besides, almost none of these albums would count as abraisive or difficult. Some of them may be loud (Slayer, the Jesus and Mary Chain, PIL), but there's nothing tuneless or difficult.

51. At the Drive In “Relationship of Command”
52. Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”
53. Slayer “Reign in Blood”
54. The Cure “Pornography”
55. James Brown “Live at the Apollo 1962”
56. Three Six Mafia “Most Known Hits”
57. Fela Kuti “Zombie”
58. ABBA “Gold”
59. Gangstarr “Moment of Truth”
60. Ultramagnetic MCs “Critical Beatdown”
61. Portishead “Dummy”
62. De La Soul “3 Feet high and Rising”
63. Peter Gabriel “3 (aka Melt)”
64. Mos Def & Talib Kweli are BlackStar
65. Paul McCartney “Ram”
66. The Pale Fountains “Pacific Street”
67. Gang of Four “Entertainment!”
68. Outkast “ATLiens”
69. Fleetwood Mac “Rumors”
70. U2 “Achtung Baby”
71. Operation Ivy “Operation Ivy”
72. Daft Punk “Daft Punk”
73. RJD2 “Dead Ringer”
74. Notorius BIG “Ready to Die”
75. New Order “Substance”
76. Morrissey “Viva Hate”
77. Madvillian “Madvillany”
78. Lou Reed “Transformer”
79. Kraftwerk “Computer World”
80. The Feelies “Crazy Rhythms”
81. Dead Kennedys “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables”
82. Neu! “Neu!”
83. Can “Tago Mago”
84. The Jam “Greatest Hits”
85. The Jesus and Mary Chain “Darklands”
86. The Last Poets “The Last Poets”
87. The Rapture “Echoes”
88. Les Savy Fav “Inches”
89. Ladytron “604”
90. Public Image Ltd. “Metal Box”
91. Ride “Nowhere”
92. Rolling Stones “Some Girls”
93. Serge Gainsbourg “Melody Nelson”
94. Suede “Suede”
95. Blur “Think Tank”
96. Oasis “(What’s the Story?) Morning Glory”
97. The Zombies “Odessy and Oracle”
98. Fela Kuti “ITT”
99. Black Uhuru “Sinsemlia”
100.Steely Dan “Aja”


Kevin said...

I think your bar needs MIA. Though maybe that's just my bar.

What would you bar be called?

Mike said...

you kidding me kid, you need some Pulp on there. let's hear some sylvia.

Mike said...

you kidding me kid, you need some Pulp on there. let's hear some sylvia.