Saturday, December 2, 2006


My name is Patrick and for a while I've been pretty bored with music blogs. A majority of them endlessly hype new bands or don't cover a wide variety of music.
When I search through my CD and tape collection, I'm amazed at how much stuff I've never read about. And at times I can't help but wonder if there are others out there who are looking for a little more information on one of their favorite bands. Using what knowledge I have pieced together from years of reading through music encyclopedias, essays and websites, I've decided to add to the rubbish heap that is the internet. I plan on reviewing some of my favorite albums and singles, both new and old, and occasionally make comments on the state of the record industry.
I don't claim to be an expert and my word is not canon. If you have something interesting you'd like me to hear, send me an mp3.

Oh wait, by this time I'm sure you're wondering what the hell to expect. Well here's what I've been listening to during the past week:

*Love "Da Capo"
*Felt "Absolute Classic Masterpieces"
*Clipse "Hell Hath No Fury"
*Echo and the Bunnymen "Crocodiles"
*Black Uhuru "Sinsemilla"

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In an ideal situation, I would like to be able to update this blog weekly. So help me God, I will. Even if my exams start next week. I'm doing this for my sanity. Some of the reviews might include random bits of personal information, or may have nothing to do with the recording itself, but you know what, it happens. So starting next week, it begins....


Matthew said...

excited to see what kind of stuff you post... if you haven't checked out this music blog, check it out
you going to be home over the break?

Nina said...

I wish you the best of luck!

Lisa said...

i'm here. <3

daveziggy said...

baby, its time.

Petuh. said...


Krisztina Ilona said...

I think it will gain momentum. Also, good photo. It captures the moment very well.

Shane said...

who made you an expert on music